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The company’s main objective is to provide high quality products and total support to its customer so as to exceed their expectations and satisfy even the highest demands.

We offer industrial and artisan new and used equipment for bakeries, confectionery, butcheries, shops, hotels and restaurants, catering – public buildings and canteens etc.

The equipment is mostly with European origin, fully designed according to the hygiene and food safety requirements (HACCP) for all food and raw materials manufacturers and dealers. All our equipment is CE marked.


Establishment, ownership and main activity

Djela- N. D. Ltd is a 100% private company, established in 1992 as Sole- trader Djela- Nikolay Dimitrov, which in 2002 turns into the company it is today.

The Main Company Activities Are:

  • Manufacturing and trade of Bread and bakeries
  • Manufacturing and trade of Doughy and pastry production
  • Ready-to-cook goods production
  • Manufacturing and trade of Cookies, Biscuits and Crackers
  • Trokadero Café- pastry shop, supplied with production of the company
  • Food-processing machinery trading
  • Catering equipment and accessories

Trade with machines and equipment for bread- making

Trade with machines and equipment for bread- making

DJELA- N. D. Ltd is the only Bulgarian representative of the joint Greek- German Company, VAKRATZA BROS S.A., manufacturer of the OVAK- BAKING machines.
We have partners in Bourgas, Pleven, Tryavna, Smolyan, Vidin, Nova Zagora, Botevgrad, and various other locations in the country and abroad.

Bread Production

DJELA- N. D. Ltd utilizes the highly productive, contemporary technologies of the joint Greek- German company VAKRATZA BROS S.A and the Swedish company, SVEBA DAHLЕN.
The production process is carried out in several stages. First, the dough is mixed in a spiral mixer, following an assigned program. The next stage incorporates the forming of the products in the form device. The final phase includes the loading of the trays in the pull panels. The whole production process takes approximately one and a half hours. Our plant has a production capacity of 9000 pieces/ day.

Confectionery production manufacturing

As much as 1/3 of our confectionary consists of imported high-quality ingredients from Greece, Italy and Austria. This contributes to the unique taste features of our products. They are manufactured and distributes daily to the customers or to our confectionery shop – Trokadero. Our cakes, sweets, pies and all the other unique products we put forward are so irresistable and so tasteful that it's virtually impossible to pass them by.

Pastries manufacturing

In this group we have placed a wide variety of products for mass consumption which are well established on the market. Our experience and broad expertise in the field have enabled us to put forward high quality products at reasonable prices. On the whole, all products in this group are traditionally characteristic for the company and their features are well known and much appreciated by our customers.

Deep frozen semi-prepared products manufacturing

We always place high quality fresh ingredients in our ‘deep frozen’ products . After the semi-prepared products are finishing they are going to the next phase – deep freezing. This process is conducted through a specialised technology that preserves the products' genuine taste and freshness. In this way we strive to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Café-confectionery shop ‘Trokadero’

Our Venice Café-confectionery shop has a pleasing interior, which is conducive to all kinds of sweet temptations. We are striving to provide our customers with all the abundance of the confectionery industry and feel rewarded for our efforts everytime we see a smile on the customer's face. Trokadero is one of its kind in Stara Zagora offering a wide variety of sweets, cakes, biscuits, bakeries, cheese crackers, ice-creams, cocktails, hard and soft drinks, beverages, etc. There is also a special point for fast food orders.
Trokadero is placed in down town Stara Zagora, next to the biggest Elementary School, and faces the beautiful park "Trakia". For the customers' convenience Trokadero also offers a separate smoking room.



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