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Greek-german proyver-proyver refrigerator Ovak

Proyver- proyver refrigerator 1-1a


Compani Code: 37-000436

A chamber for rising of dough

There is a special level on the chamber in which by means of gradation the placed products are defrosted sequentially; it works on night regime on 4 levels, it allows electronic selection of the temperature and the humidity, weekly giving the size of the production.

Capacity: Dedicated for 216 loafs of bread, 700 gr.
Size: H 220 mm; D 100 mm; L 100 mm;
Origin: Greece
Delivery: 8 weeks

More info:
Inserting programs, stop button, CE standarts, manufactured according to all HACCP requirements.
Motor: 1 Kw.
Trolleys: 1
Doors: 1

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