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Cookie molding machine with cutting knife

Form Fix 105

Compani Code: 320-002045

This practical cookie molding machine may find it's place in the smalest bakery.

The Form Fix 105 normaly has two rows and is hand opperated. It's the perfect tool for small bakeries and confectioners. The simple design of the Form Fix 105 makes it easy, indispensable and trouble free, but a full fledged assistant.

- The replacement of the forming roller is very easy and done in seconds.
- The roller can be provided with shapes according to your specific needs.
- The cookie depth can be selected as normal, very thin or thicker.
- You can work with a lot of different biscuit doughs.
- Roller dimensions - diameer of 65 mm, width of 125 mm
- Weight - 11 kg

Size: H 279 mm; D 245 mm; L 490 mm;
Origin: Holland
Delivery: 1 weeks

More info:
+359 42 616 676

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