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Spiral mixers - new generation

Spiral Mixer Hidra


Compani Code: 297-001837

Patented kneading by means of two vertical synchronized tools.
Low dough temperature increase during kneading.
Hydration increase.
Optimal gluten development.
Reduced kneading times (compared with “Double Force” mixer).
Reduced energy consumption thanks to a lower friction during the kneading.
Flexibility of dough batch (down to 5-10% minimum of bowl capacity).
Delicate and smooth kneading action for an optimal incorporation of inclusions (raisins, chocolate, sugar drops …)
Better blending of fat ingredients (butter, margarine, lard,…)
Artisan and bread with “open structure” Donut
Ciabatta bread Pita bread
Pizza Flat breads
Sugar waffle Rye bread
Panettone and Pandoro Ethnic bread
Croissant ...................
Laminated dough

Capacity: 120 - 1000 kg.
Origin: Italy

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