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Complete Roll Plant & Burger Line

Line for chiabatta production 10-SV300 PM

Compani Code: 293-001916

All Bertuetti’s Universal SV or SP divider versions allow the combining with other moulding machines, mouldings tables or French mouldings. To these it can be added the loading automatically on trays. The machine is constituted by an hopper-belt for the dough load, and it can be had it with different width according to the model (on request also increased in length). A clutch collocated at the entry of the dividing machine regulates the dough influx in the lamination cylinders, also facilitating the use of it with personal.

Cylinders length – 280 mm; dough pieces weight – 5-2000gr.

Capacity: 10 000 x 30 gr.
Origin: Italy
Delivery: 8 weeks
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