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Donut Fryer - Aztec


Compani Code: 283-001813

The Aztec doughnut fryer is fitted with a powered turnover frame that will automatically turn finger, ball and ring doughnuts down to 30 grammes each in weight.

The fryer uses semi-solid or liquid fryer oil that is passed through an integral filtration in one simple operation, while the oil is at only 80 degrees centigrade. Cleaning the oil at this temperature extends the life of the filter almost indefinitely. The filter is a washable, re-usable unit that removes debris from the
frying medium. The filtration unit slides out from the base of the fryer for ease of servicing and also doubles as a reservoir for automatically replenishing the frying kettle to its correct level.

The Aztec fryer can be quickly and easily drained when an oil change is required and is fitted with many safety devices.

Capacity: Float frying – up to 900 doughnuts per hour. ; 45 doughnuts per tray
Size: H 1400 mm; D 1905 mm; L 970 mm;
Origin: England
Delivery: 8 weeks

More info:
• Automatically turns finger and ring doughnuts
• Integral filtration increases life of oil
• Washable, re-usable oil filter
• Reservoir automatically replenishes oil
• Many safety devices
• Quickly and easily drained when an oil change is required

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