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Ice-cream machine Compacta RTX

Compacta RTX

Compani Code: 244-001630

COLDELITE has developed a new philosophy in the design and production of equipment for ice-cream laboratory; its COMPACTA RTX machine is the ultimate development of the previous model, actually the evolution of a great success in the homemade icecream sector.

COMPACTA RTX features a two-in-one structure:
– in the upper part the horizontal cylinder mixes ingredients
– in the lower part the second horizontal cylinder makes ice-cream.
Therefore it is a all-in-one equipment, resuming the whole production process of homemade ice-cream:
- the MIXER, to mix together the raw ingredients
- the PASTEURIZER, to achieve top hygiene of the mix
- the FREEZER, to produce ice-creams, "sorbetto" and fruit creams.

Compacta RTX is available in three different versions, Classic, Inox 08 and Elite. They differ only for the door and the beater of the batch freezer which might be either in POM (plastic polymer) or in Inox (stainless steel).
Classic: POM door, POM beater, SILVER scrapers
Inox 08: POM door, INOX beater, SILVER scrapers
Elite: INOX door, INOX beater, SILVER scrapers

Origin: Italy
Delivery: 4 weeks

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