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Gastronorm pans and covers

Gastronorm Food Boxes 1/9 176x108 mm

Compani Code: 21-000239

for fresh fruits and vegetables

in dimensions from 1/9 Gn till 1/1 GN
up to 2/3 GN, with special, airtight, double-edge, closing
boxes can resist temperatures of up to -40 °C in a freezer and up to +90 °C (without lid) in a microwave
complete with "COLORCLIP" identificationset in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP regulations (red, yelloe, green and blue)
capacity - 0.6/ 1.0/ 1.5 l.
height - 65/ 100/ 150 mm.

Origin: Netherlands
Delivery: 4 weeks

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