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FDA Packaging

FLEXWRAP - Intermittent topseal wrapping machine

TS 570

Compani Code: 196-001448

The Flexwrap is a Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machine; a generic type as accepted within the packaging industry. The machine operates with suitable grades of hearsealable material such as biaxially oriented polupropylene, co-extrusions and laminates.

The Flexwrap produces a pillow pack, from flexible packaging material. It has a cross seal at both ends and a single fin seam down the back (top) of the bag. The packaging material to produce this type of bag is supplied as a flat sheet on a reel and is loaded onto the reel mandrel of the machine. In order to form this flat sheet into a tube which will ultimately be sealed and cut off to form the bag, the packaging material passes to a Fold Assembly. The product is manually placed onto the wrapping material against an adjustable stop. The wrapping material supports and transports the product during subsequent operations.

Capacity: Size Range: Maximum pack lenth 2000 mm ; Height 130 mm ; Width 240 mm ; Wrapping Material: Maximum reel width 570 mm ; Reel diameter 300 mm
Size: H 1450 mm; D 850 mm; L 2400 mm;
Origin: England
Delivery: 10 weeks

More info:
The Flexwrap is a very compact and easy to use machine. Its unique desing alows the machine to be adjusted through its extensive size range without size parts or tools in minutes by the operator.

The machine is suitable for the packing of:

fresh fruits and vegetables, bakeries, sandwiches, biscuits, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, meat products etc.

Djela - N.D. offers its customers just in time packaging services with the FLEXWRAP under VERY ADVANTAGEOUS CONDITIONS. The packaging material can be provided by the customer !


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