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Isothermal containers Dometic

Typ GB-24 PLUS

Compani Code: 180-001423

Simultaneous production of multiple parts; The produced pars have a consistent wall thickness, determined by the quantity of powder used and within the established specifications; Metallic inserts for attaching closing fixtures, hinges; Ability to integrate hinges or other complex shapes at the design sage of the parts.

Isothermal containers – Catering Equipment
Active insulated container; thermoelectic to increase the hold over time for food preparations; allows a hot or cold chain exceeding 12 hours; hot or cold function selection by manual switch; optional wheels or feet; digital thermometer

Capacity: 7 usable levels for loading of GN pans (space of 57 mm)
Size: H 705 mm; D 510 mm; L 785 mm;
Origin: Luxenbourg

More info:
Nominal weight - 26 kg, different external dimensions with or without wheels or feet, nominal power 66W in 12 VDC, 100W in 110-230VAC

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