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Serie Industrial Smart


Compani Code: 150-001283

The models SMART and INDUSTRIALSMART introduce the automation benefits in the medium productions. The speed of the automatic sheeters coupled with the friendly use of the manual sheeters make these machines easy to use and highly productive.

- Variable speed of the belts from 20 to 100 cm/sec
-Quick programming with “smart software”
-Touch-screen control board
-50 working programs to be set
-Possibility of programs sequence
-Automatic/manual working
-Dough reeler with stress-free
-Flour duster with adjustable flour quantity
- Dough width control
-Cutting device with rollers and variable speed
-Color touch-screen control board

Origin: Italy

More info:
Cylinders diameter 84 mm, Cylinders elongation – 0,1-60 mm; Belt width – 650 mm, working dimensions - 1400 x 1400 mm, exit belt speed - 20-100 cm/sec, Power – 1,5 kW, Weight - 300 kg.

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