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Depositors MONO

Omega Depositor

Compani Code: 125-001170

Machine for cookies and biscuits

The Omega Depositor owes its compact, efficient design and innovative features to a long line of successful MONO confectionery depositors.
The Omega is capable of exceptional accuracy of deposit shape and amount, with absolute repeatability of product type week in week out. Total control of product size, weight, speed of deposit and complexity of shape is assured.
It needs only a single phase electric supply, is mobile and can be moved through a single door.
The Omega features a fully programmable colour screen, making it easy to create your own product programs or modify the preset product programs installed to suit your specific needs.

Capacity: Accepts trays up to 600 mm wide
Size: H 1541 mm; D 871 mm; L 1200 mm;
Origin: United Kingdom
Delivery: 2 weeks

More info:
- Very robust, compact, hi-spec machine
- Deposit and suck back are fully programmable for quantity and speed
- Available with soft and stiff mix hoppers, or a soft mix hopper with stiff mix adapters
- Conveyor discharges in forward or reverse
- Optional sensor for detecting non-metallic trays

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